Equipping young adults in every area of life to live out the great commission.


Equipping and mobilizing college students to go with the gospel wherever God calls them.


Going global.

On GCT, you will travel for 10 days on a global trip with another GCT student. On the trip, you will partner with imb missionaries and see how they leverage their gifts, skills and calling to make disciples in an intercultural setting.

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Equipping through the church.

GCT primarily focuses on discipleship and equipping through the local church. You will focus on spiritual disciplines, evangelism and discipleship training, and participate in various teachings, seminars, and small groups.

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Life together.

Build lasting friendships and grow in Christian community with like-minded believers your age. Learn, worship, pray, and study alongside your brothers and sisters while learning to make disciples as a team. Your GCT experience will include lots of time for fellowship, laughter, and fun with your teammates and leaders.

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Explore culture.

Through GCT, we will explore the cultural and religious diversity in the community around us. We want you to be an equipped and informed college student, ready to reach the world around you with the truth of the gospel.


Discern your unique pathway.

While on GCT you will explore multiple ministry pathways. We will talk about workplace ministry, international workplace ministry, vocational church ministry, international missions, and church planting. We focus heavily on calling and helping you discern how you can best use your strengths, gift, and abilities to carry out the great commission.

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Partner with us.

We need your prayers and support for our GCT students.


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Wherever you go.

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